A new melatonin skin spray that let’s you fall asleep within minutes without swallowing pills.

One spray on each side of your neck before bedtime and the melatonin passes through your skin directly into your bloodstream.

Our time-release formula allows you to stay asleep for up to eight hours and wake refreshed with no drowsiness or “melatonin hangover.”



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Better Than Pills

Easily Absorbed Through Your Skin

TheraSpray For Sleep uses a unique patented and clinically-tested formula that allows melatonin to safely pass through your skin and directly into your bloodstream. With just one spray to each side of your neck, the melatonin in our product starts working within minutes.

Our product has offered an option for the many people who either cannot swallow a pill or have difficulty in doing so. Since there is no pill to swallow, users of our product don’t have to wait for up to 30 minutes that it takes for many melatonin pills to digest and start working.

Many melatonin pills digest and provide an initial “burst” of product and lesser amounts later, giving users just four to six hours of sleep. Our time-release formula provides a steady, even stream of melatonin into the bloodstream for up to eight hours providing you with a goods night’s sleep and waking up refreshed.

fall asleep - stay asleep

Quality Sleep Without
The Morning Grogginess

Melatonin pills typically take up to 30 minutes to dissolve in your stomach and to get into the bloodstream to start working. And when they do start working, there is an initial “burst” of melatonin and then a lesser supply of melatonin that typically provides only 4 to 6 hours of sleep.

Our product has a time-release formula that starts working within minutes and provides a consistent level of melatonin in the blood for up to 8 hours. Helping you to fall asleep quickly and stay asleep through the night.

And our time-release formula ensures that, after 8 hours, that the melatonin is out of your system, allowing you to wake up refreshed and without having the drowsiness associated with a melatonin hangover.


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How Our Product Compares To
Customary Ingestible Supplements



Swallowing Pills
No pills to swallow!
Upset Stomach
No gastrointestinal issues with innovative transdermal spray!
Time & Release
Fast-acting: works within minutes! Maintains constant level of Melatonin in the bloodstream for 8 hours.
No “melatonin hangover”
upon waking!
We know TheraSpray works.

But Don't Just Take Our Word For It

Faster acting than pills

Fast-acting formula ensures our product starts working within minutes after the application.

time-Release formula

Our product maintains constant level of Melatonin in your bloodstream for up to 8 hours.

No stomach upset

Since there's nothing to swallow, there is no gastrointestinal issues with innovative transdermal spray!

All natural melatonin

No harmful chemicals and no unnecessary fillers. You get what you need to help you sleep better.

30 doses / 60 sprays

If you apply two sprays per night, one bottle should last you around one month.

TheraSpray Benefits

Experience All The Benefits TheraSpray Provides



Wake Up Fully Refreshed

You are going to love TheraSpray

That's Why We Provide
100% Satisfaction Guarantee

We know TheraSpray For Sleep works. It’s based on compelling scientific evidence. And tens of thousands of people have used it successfully to sleep better on demand.

That’s why we’re offering you this 30-day refund: If you’re unsatisfied with TheraSpray For Sleep for ANY reason, just return it to us within 30 days, and you’ll get a full refund (excludes shipping & handling).

No questions asked.